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KIRAYANI Meets Sandy: Digital Creator And Model Talks Memorable Moments And Authenticity On Her Fashion & Style Journey

Meet Sandy – an inspiring digital creator and model emerged as a prominent figure in the digital fashion landscape, redefining conventional norms and setting her own standards for authenticity and individuality. In this exclusive interview we’ll delve into the world of alternative online fashion with the unique and inspiring rising social media star.

How did you start your journey as an online fashion model?

I wouldn’t even call myself as an online fashion model or model in general, as I am far from the typical models you see online. I am not shy to embrace all my flaws and show to the rest of the world that all my imperfections makes me me!


Can you describe your personal style and how it influences your modeling?

My personal style, hmmm I just like to do shopping and change my wardrobe really often so instead of investing in branded clothing I go for quality and cheaper options, but of course as I love lingerie, that will always be branded.


What do you enjoy most about the fashion industry?

I think the best thing of it is the connections you make, the kind words and appreciation from others about what you do and their dedicated support throughout.


Do you usually follow the latest fashion trends or you prefer to create your own?

Absolutely, not following fashion at all as I have my own style and preferences.


Can you share a memorable experience from a shoot?

Studio shoot, the lights make you melt and I was modelling lingerie (during the English heatwave). Unfortunately there was no fans to keep you cool so the photographer had to remove his clothing a bit.

How do you prepare for a video or photo shoot? Where do you get your ideas from? 

Preparing is simple as I get all my outfits ready, put on some makeup and start to make some pictures and videos. Most of the time I do actually dream about some ideas so sometimes I will wake up and write them down in the middle of the night. I have tried some trends, but I don’t seem to enjoy them and feel uncomfortable so I stick to my own style and ideas.


How do you handle the pressure and expectations in the competitive world of online modeling?

I don’t really see it as a competition and just ignore the haters, bullies and jealous people. I just do me and let them be as karma always bites you in the ass sooner or later.


What challenges have you faced during your online modeling career so far and how did you overcome them?

Mostly is the jealous women that tried to knock my confidence, I really used to get extremely upset due to my depression and anxiety, but I also attended therapy so it was a lifesaver and in over a year I just accepted the fact that there will always be people like that and I don’t pay attention to it anymore.


How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

I’m a proper workaholic so I actually work 6 days or sometimes even 7 and I absolutely love it! Of course if I want to go out etc. I always find some time to fit fun times in as I deserve to let loose.


What advice would you give to aspiring models looking to enter the field?

Find your own style/niche and do what you enjoy!


A word to your followers and where can people find and follow you. 

I can be found on most of the socials and all my links are attached on my main instagram account @sandy_candie1

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  1. Kate

    Great interview! Love learning about authentic and creative people, especially with sm being so phony nowadays 😆 And love the pics with dope af harnesses 😍

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