KIRAYANI – Inspired by our favourite fashion capital – TOKYO, HARAJUKU. KIRAYANI brings diverse and crazy designs blending all things exciting, turning it into wearable pieces. KIRAYANI was created to make staying true to who you are an unforgettable experience: quality & diversity or styles and designs is our priority since one of our inspirations and driving forces was always the beauty of diversity itself. KIRAYANI is as limitless as Harajuku fashion and our IT GIRL$ embodying the freedom and power all over the galaxy!


This year (2018) KIRAYANI is launching the STYLE KULT where STYLE + BEAUTIES connect. Here at the KULT we have fun, casually slaying the styling game, inspire each other and set trend$. To join the STYLE KULT & enjoy the benefits CLICK HERE.

All KIRAYANI products are cruelty free and ethically made by our talented designers and artisans. Our vegan leather range offers a cruelty free luxury of stunning, fully adjustable accessories including harnesses, jewelry & custom made designs.

Our Elastic Harnesses are made to fit your shape perfectly. Offering variety of different styles, separate pieces and sets, featuring all adjustable straps on every harness, we aim to make sure they fit like a glove. Spice up even the most simple outfit by adding one of KIRAYANI harnesses.

Dark fashion cult for bombshells, aliens, witches & vampires. Inspired by all things  dark, thrilling, hell-hot & crazy KIRAYANI is here to satisfy your craziest and darkest wardrobe needs. Get your freak on, like right now.